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Curriculum Vitæ

Tran Truong

I am a fourth-year doctoral student at the University of Chicago. I am broadly interested in syntax, morphology, and Distributed Morphology. My dissertation, supervised by Karlos Arregi, is a crosslinguistic, crossmodular, and cross-theoretic study of morphological contiguity, elsewhere called *ABA effects. Phenomena within the scope of my investigation include allomorphy, suppletion, syncretism, defectivity, and dialectal/idiolectal morphosyntactic microvariation.

For the 2019-20 academic year, I am the coordinator of the Language Variation & Change Workshop, an abstract reviewer for the Chicago Linguistic Society, and a member of the International Year of Indigenous Languages Observance Committee.

Outside of linguistics, I am a hobby music photographer. My work has been used by a number of post-hardcore and folk artists in their social media promotions. I also maintain a ranking of Chicago-area venues.



Winter 2020
LING 21000: Introduction to Morphology, Lecturer.

Summer 2019
LSA 256: Pidgins & Creoles, Teaching Assistant.
Instructor of record: Marlyse Baptista.

Spring 2019
LING 26002: Language in Society, Teaching Assistant.
Instructor of record: Sharese King.

Autumn 2018
HUMA 19100: Humanities Writing Seminar, Lecturer.
HUMA 17000: Language & the Human I, Writing Intern.
Instructor of record: Michelle Yuan.

Winter 2018
BIOS 29286: Biological & Cultural Evolution, Teaching Assistant.
Instructors of record: Salikoko Mufwene & William Wimsatt.


7 Jul 2019
I presented `Honorifics & kinship as morphological contiguity domains' at the 2019 Linguistic Institute.

24 Jun 2019
I received funding from the Graduate Research Aid Initiative in Linguistics (GRAIL) to attend the 2019 Linguistic Institute at UC Davis. I took Introduction to Morphological Theory; Integrative Models of Morphological Organization; Linguistics Pedagogy: Theory & Practice; Language & Racialization; and, Topics in Sociolinguistics & Computer-Mediated Communication.

7 May 2019
I presented `Language & technology', in HUMA 17200 (Language & the Human III).

1 May 2019
I presented `Language & regionality: English in Appalachia' in LING 26002 (Language in Society).

22 Apr 2019
I presented `Heterogeneity in morphological contiguity' at CHARGeS 2.

22 Feb 2019
I received an Advanced Award from the Graduate Council Travel Fund to present `Apparent non-cumulating contiguity in Japanese honorifics' at TLS XVIII.

9 Nov 2018
I presented `Inclusive pedagogy in the writing classroom: A field report' at the C3 Summit.

12 Oct 2018
I presented `Mayan agent focus as extraction-triggered morphotactic repair' at LCUGA5.