Assistant Teaching Professor
The Pennsylvania State University
Program in Linguistics
School of Global Languages, Literatures, & Cultures
442 Burrowes Building
University Park, PA 16801

tpt5331 [at]
(syllabi/handouts available upon request)

Autumn 2023 Student Hours: Monday, 4–6pm, 046 Burrowes
(Zoom appointments available upon request)

Curriculum Vitæ

Tran Truong

I received my PhD in Linguistics from the University of Chicago. I am broadly interested in syntax, morphology, and Distributed Morphology. My dissertation, supervised by Karlos Arregi, is a crosslinguistic, crossmodular, and cross-theoretic study of morphological contiguity, elsewhere called *ABA effects. Phenomena within the scope of my investigation include allomorphy, suppletion, syncretism, and dialectal/idiolectal morphosyntactic microvariation, especially as these occur within Japanese honorifics and Arrernte kintax.

At Penn State, I teach a wide variety of undergraduate-level courses in the linguistics major. I am also a Co-Facilitator of the Faculty Writing Program and a member of the Morphology Circle. Outside of Penn State, I am active in the Linguistics in Higher Education Committee and as a founding member of the First-Generation Access & Equity Subcommittee.



LING 100: Foundations of Linguistics. Autumn '22, Spring '23, Autumn '23, Spring '24.

LING 402: Syntax I. Spring '24.

LING 001: The Study of Language. Spring '23, Autumn '23.

LING 405: Introduction to Historical Linguistics. Spring '23.

LING 493: Field Methods (Twi). Autumn '22.


[Apr 2024] My book note on Dayter & Rüdiger 2023 will be published in Language in Society.

[21 Mar 2024] I will be one of the invited speakers at Exo-Words 2 at Princeton University. I will present joint work with Andrew Hoffman and Michael Putnam on formal approaches to case in heritage grammars.

[1 Feb 2024] I will be one of the invited speakers at CHAMP2 at the University of Göttingen. My talk will be on the interaction between allomorphy and lexical stratification in Japanese honorifics.

[4 Jan 2024] I will co-lead a workshop on first-generation scholars in linguistics with Gaytan, Luis, Miranda McCarvel, David Bowie, Joshua Dees, and Iara Mantenuto at the 98th Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America.

[25 Sep 2023] I will be presenting `Mismatches based on feature content' at the Morphology Circle.